Microsoft Lists ‘Xbox One’ in Windows Subsystem for Android System Requirements – Games – News

I think Microsoft has been hunting some developers under Ballmer. Didn’t he literally say that Linux is a cancer that infects everything it touches?

What’s another famous Palmer quote again?

I’m curious if you have any sources for this “out” claim. Besides the fact that the WSL initiative could easily be interpreted as a further development of something that started in 1993, I also think your comment about GitHub is questionable – after all, Microsoft was a major user of GH for many years prior to the acquisition. So it was a logical acquisition target anyway, especially after their Codeplex couldn’t compete with GH.

Other counter examples:

• Under Ballmer, MS sponsored and directed the migration of Node.js to Windows
• Under Ballmer, MS has become one of the biggest contributors to the Linux kernel
• Under Ballmer, Azure has received support for Linux

…and there’s more.

I don’t doubt that Ballmer’s overt hatred of Linux may not have been of much help to Microsoft’s reputation with some of its developers, but I don’t know if there was a “mass exodus” or if the examples you cited can be traced back. This displacement, if it actually occurs, I find completely speculative.

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