Microsoft begins beta testing with the new Office user interface – Computer – News

tbh I can’t even remember the old interface anymore..

What I can remember, though, is that it took me a while to get used to the new (ribbon) interface and that this frustrated more than enough.

I have a feeling that this kind of interface/UI changes are often not much of a problem for the average user.. but for seasoned users who have ‘muscle memory’ for each task/submenu and do things on a semi-automatic demo system in this software package of course is a story totally different.

All of a sudden you have to search for a specific icon for a particular function you no longer really know what it/what it looks like because you don’t remember much the icon but the location in the interface you look at without it really consciously – watched for years. : +

Like accelerating the mouse so to speak.. this is great for people who stare at their cursor as it moves across the screen, but for someone who wants to do something with one quick movement without looking from muscle memory, it’s exciting that the cursor movement is a variable distance and depends on your movement speed.

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