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Yes the same here. And all of them refuse to switch to Signal because “Whatsapp works fine, right?”

I know exactly one person who uses Signal and I know two people who use Telegram. Meanwhile, I know more than 100 people who use Whatsapp.
This is what I hear from everyone. I would like to switch, but no one is using it.

The only person I know who uses Signal exclusively and refuses to use Whatsapp is also the one who always has to go the extra mile for if something has to be agreed in a group. Because you have to either call this person or text him, because he refuses to use Whatsapp.
Even if I were to put Signal on my phone, it would still be more annoying than anyone engaging in a group chat on Whatsapp.

I would expect WhatsApp to do the same as MSN and ICQ. ICQ was pretty clumsy compared to MSN, so people turned. MSN ended up being so full of crap and crap features that people turned to FB Messenger.
In the end, Whatsapp has also become full of all kinds of functions and nonsensical things that people will automatically switch to something more lightweight and without all these unwanted things. Applications with this level of feature bloat eventually eat themselves up.

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