"Messi is the Nobert of South America"

“Messi is the Nobert of South America”

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The world is eagerly awaiting the clash between the two football legends. The match between the Netherlands and Argentina could decide once and for all who will become the better footballer: the hot-blooded Lionel Messi or the hypothermic Andries Nobert.

It seems unlikely, but it is a fact: two of the greatest legends of contemporary football are facing each other for the first time today. According to football journalist Sjoerd Valentijn, this gives extra cash to the Netherlands-Argentina match in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar: “Two giants from football only meet later. The whole world loves it.

According to Sjoerd Valentijn, the clash of these two players is special because the average European doesn’t know much about Lionel Messi: “In South America, this little Argentine is a celebrity, but the rest of the world doesn’t know him. In the West, everyone knows about Norbert’s incredible save against RKC and his penalty against Volendam. But Argentinean Messi’s life has completely passed us by.

Nevertheless, Sjoerd Valentijn thinks it’s right to talk about a real conflict: “Messi may be relatively unknown, he’s a good footballer. So I think it’s completely fair for Messi to be called the Nobert of South America.

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