Meryl has only one option that can cure her cancer

It will happen to you: finding out that at 32 you have incurable skin cancer. Merrill de Groot ran into it. The doctors had no hope of a cure, but Meryl found a treatment that would shrink her tumors. “I went from more than forty tumors to one.”

Meryl doesn’t immediately assume the worst if she suddenly can’t see anything with her right eye in 2021. Still, she decides to go to the doctor’s office to be sure. The GP did not trust him and consulted a neurologist. He was honest right away. He said my symptoms and conditions could point to early-stage MS, a brain disorder. I had to have an MRI scan.”


Because of Meryl’s background in pediatric nursing, it was noted on examination, even before the neurologist told her, that she did not have MS, but a brain tumour. “Fortunately” the tumor is in a suitable place easy to operate. But because of the melanoma that was removed seven years ago, the neurologist suspects that this may be a malignant tumor. “The same day I had a CT scan. It turned out that I had five metastases. The cancer was not only in my head, but also in my stomach and lungs. Apparently, after all those years of removing moles as a precaution, there was still a malignant cell left behind.” “.

I would decide for myself when I died, and the doctor didn’t have to tell me that.

“The neurologist used all kinds of complicated words to explain my situation. I knew right away what that meant: I wouldn’t get better. I had the most aggressive form of skin cancer and was already in stage four. My boyfriend was so traumatized, but I was a warrior. I would have decided for myself when I died.” And the doctor didn’t have to tell me that. It looked really bad, but I never felt like I was going to die. Not even after four weeks it turned out that I now had more than forty tumors in my body.”

Alternative treatment

It is soon revealed that Merel is allergic to immunotherapy and various antibiotics. You get meningitis and inflammation of the organs. “In one fell swoop, there were very few regular treatment options left. The doctors wanted to wait three months for my body to recover for the next option. But my tumors were growing so fast that I didn’t want to wait. I did a lot of research on Alternative therapies.For weeks I was immersed in scientific studies, databases, and the experiences of fellow sufferers.Finally I came across a treatment I wanted to try: the RSO cycle.This treatment consists of various components of the cannabis plant.I have spoken to a number of people and this has helped them greatly.When I told my doctors That I started the RSO course, they told me to stop immediately. They didn’t want to know anything about it, because the cure is unknown. However, I decided to persevere, because what do I have to lose?

I threw my bucket list overboard. I prefer to enjoy the little things in life right now.

“The inflammation in my body disappeared and I felt so much better. At first I was skeptical, but when the next scan showed my tumors had stopped growing, I knew this treatment was helping! The combination of gene suppressors and RSO treatment worked. I went from over forty tumors to one. I felt my recovery was so close!”

The last option

Because of the costs, Meryl decides to lower the dose of placebo, so she can take it for longer. I regretted it, because after three months the metastases grew again. “Unfortunately, a higher dose of RSO therapy turned out to be necessary. I don’t want to encourage anyone to put alternative therapies above their regular care. I would have preferred to just use regular care, but that wasn’t an option due to my allergies. If I had listened to my doctor and stopped RSO course, I would have already gone.

“Of course I feel sad sometimes about my situation. Having cancer is very lonely. No one can really understand what it’s like; not even my boyfriend. My bucket list has now been thrown into the sea. I prefer to enjoy the little things in life now. Give me flowers.” Daffodils or spending quality time with friends and family. I don’t want to spend every day dying. Others may have already given up on me, but I keep fighting not to die!”

With her current finances, Meryl can no longer afford her last chance at survival beyond April. That’s why I started a donation drive. If you want to support Merel, you can do so via

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