Meryl has her own Elfenland in her garden: “Designed in the eleventh of eleventh”

Meryl has her own Elfenland in her garden: “Designed in the eleventh of eleventh”

After months of crafting, clay making and decorating, Mirelle van Schayk’s Elfenland is finally complete. For the fifth time, dozens of elves can be found in her garden in Habert. Everyone is invited to come and take a look or create a little elf world of their own. “It’s going very well.”

In her bed the idea of ​​having a fairyland in her garden occurred to her: “I was imagining wonderfully. It was the eleventh day of the eleventh. The fairyland. That’s how the idea was born.”

Since that night, Merrill’s dream has become a reality. “I edit all year long. Some take longer than others. Just setting up all the worlds took me two to three weeks.”

A few days ago, it was finished and it was time for spectators to admire the dwarf garden. “I especially love interacting with the children.”

Many activities are planned in and around Elfenland in the coming weeks. Children can also create their own little fairy garden.

Nola, 6, is one of those kids who is excited about creating her own garden. “It’s so much fun. You can put all sorts of things in it. There are all sorts of gnomes and elves.”

“I think Mirelle’s Elfenland is so beautiful, funny, and fun,” adds Evie (7). She especially likes that there are so many elves.

Although the gnomes can be found for the first time this year among the elves. “The gnomes camp in Elfenland. We belong to the gnomes too, and they can be there too. They belong together.”

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The gnomes are staying at a campsite in Elfenland. There is a lot to see. There is a swimming pool, a volleyball court, a playground and some tents. Everything has been recreated in miniature.

Elfenland can be admired until July 21. Then Meryl will go on vacation by herself for a while. “Although I may open it again after that, things are going well.”

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