Merkel: The UK has to live with the consequences of Brexit

Merkel: The UK has to live with the consequences of Brexit

“The British government wants to decide for itself what relationship it will have with the European Union, after Brexit. After that, it will of course have to live with the consequences, that is, with an economy that is less closely related.”

For years, Merkel has been open to a deal that doesn’t hinder UK trade. However, the door for settlement is now closed, according to the English newspaper.

“We have to abandon the idea that we define what the British want,” Merkel said in the interview. “This is up to the UK and Europe, we will respond appropriately.” Watchman.

57% of British people are against Brexit

Posted Friday evening CNN Poll results show that a majority of Britons (57 percent) will now vote against Brexit.

Only 34.9 per cent will vote in favor of leaving the European Union, according to a survey by the European Sociological Study that is conducted every two years and measures confidence among citizens in Europe. 8.3 percent will not vote at all.

Growing support

In the 2016 referendum, 52% of Britons still vote in favor of leaving. Therefore, support from the European Union is growing.

There is no explanation for the increase. However, the British economy has been hit hard by Brexit, and a number of major companies have left the UK and settled in the Netherlands, among others.

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