Meghan never wants to go to the UK again

Meghan never wants to go to the UK again

The chance that Meghan Markle will set foot on English soil again is very slim. According to biographer Tom Power, she never wanted to go to the UK again, he says the sun

Back to London?

Tom Power is currently working on Megan’s biography. In the British tabloid the sun He has already opened a book on the views of the Duchess of Sussex. It is said that Meghan has given up hope of becoming popular with the British people. According to the biographer, she believes it is a waste of her time putting any energy into it. “Honestly, I suspect Meghan no longer cares if she is welcome in London,” Bauer said. She has no intention of returning.”

The UK may be a closed chapter for the Meg. It’s a very different story in America. Prince Harry’s wife is popular there, according to the biographer. during the visit the city that never sleeps, New York, in September, noted that Megan had a lot of support from Democrats, minorities and youth. So very different from England!

Megan’s biography

Bauer has been working on Meghan Markle’s biography for quite some time now. It is not yet clear when the book will be released. So far, the biographer has lifted a side of the veil at regular intervals. Anyway, we’re very curious!

Source: princes | Photo: BRONOPRES

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