Meghan Markle on Thursday on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show

Meghan Markle on Thursday on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show

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Meghan Markle can be seen on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show on Thursday, the announcer announced on Wednesday Instagram.

The two talk about, among other things, Markle’s acting career, which can be seen for a long time suit, as evidenced by a short clip from the interview.

“You said you were last seen on a talk show about ten years ago, but you often came to that area to audition,” DeGeneres says to Prince Harry’s wife. “It’s absolutely true,” Markle asserts. “The nice thing is that the security guards always wish me luck.”

Markle, who stopped acting when she got into a relationship with her current husband, also tells an anecdote about the old car she was driving.

The forty-year-old has not been seen on a morning talk show in years. Nor has she been a guest at DeGeneres before. In March, she appeared with Oprah Winfrey, who told her about suicidal thoughts while pregnant with her son Archie.

She said she did not receive any help from the British royal house. Prince Harry and Winfrey have openly told about the difficult relationship with his brother and father since the couple left for the United States.

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