Media: The royal family decides what the BBC can show about the coronation | Coronation of King Charles

The BBC has agreed to Buckingham Palace’s right to veto television footage of the coronation. According to the newspaper Watchman This raises questions about the impartiality of the BBC National. In recent days, the BBC has submitted material to the palace for approval, with some proposals not being accepted by the royals, insiders say.

“The balance of power is now with the royal family a little more than with the BBC,” a source on the radio said. Negotiations over the terms of the BBC’s coverage of the coronation were said to be continuing on the eve of the event.

The BBC leads the global coverage of the coronation ceremony. Pictures of King Charles at Westminster Abbey will be shared with other broadcasters around the world. This has led to concerns from rival broadcasters that they must trust the BBC’s decisions about what can be shown on the service.

“Editing safety is not in danger”

A BBC spokesperson says its “editorial integrity” is not at risk. But according to the British media, there are already indications that the court determines what the public sees. according to times King Charles opposed the Archbishop of Canterbury’s offer to be anointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Thus, the audience is unaware of how holy oil from Jerusalem was poured into the 12th-century “Coronation Spoon” and then smeared on Charles’ head, chest, and hands.

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