Media agency still investigating Jort Kelder's FvD funding |  show

Media agency still investigating Jort Kelder’s FvD funding | show

The Media Authority is still on its way to investigating the funding of a film campaign for NPO presenter Yurt Keelder’s “Forum for Democracy” The organization announced this evening.

Kielder confirmed in his podcast last week that he co-financed a film campaign for Thierry Baudet in 2017. The case surfaced because Baudet thanked the NPO presenter for that in another podcast. The politician described it as a “great gift”.

Kielder says he advised an editor friend, who wanted a career change, to start making campaign films for political parties in the run-up to the elections. Then he called Baudet to ask if his editor could do something for him. Kielder was convinced that Baudet’s party was a good choice “because there was so much to do”, but said he no longer interfered with it after that.

Kildare also offered to pay the editor’s salary. , the only thing I did: “I’ll give you this chance, I’ll pay your salary, go and take a look.” Of course I’ve been doing that a lot with all my projects with him. “Just send me an invoice,” he explains in the podcast.

There is no conflict of interest, Kielder says. He says he has absolutely no financial connection to the Democracy Forum. In fact, if he said he really wanted to follow the GroenLinks campaign or the Party Animals campaign, I would have been fine with that too. Then I had called Marianne Tim.

still searching

Kelder makes various programs for NPO. is presented in 1 He does the radio program for AVROTROS Kielder & Co. Announced yesterday NPO and AVROTROS without reason To find out the intervention.

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The media authority also said it saw no reason to go deeper into the case. Now the media watchdog is back to that. This issue has caused such a stir in recent days that the Commission will study the issue separately. “Following reports of Jort Keelder, who was said to have financed the Democracy Forum campaign films, doubts arose about his independence as a journalist and also about the independence of public broadcasting,” a statement read. Earlier, the agency announced a major investigation into the possible political influence of the (public) media.

WNL, the announcer on the Kelder talk show in 1 Gifts, have been unavailable for comment for two days.

Roti’s friend

Kielder has been criticized before for having had his close personal friend, outgoing Prime Minister Mark Root, as a longtime guest broadcaster. Kielder & Co. This broadcast was prior to the House of Representatives elections.

The Supervisory Board confirms that public broadcasters determine the form and content of their media presentation on the basis of the Media Law. The media watchdog must ensure that the media presentation is created without government influence.

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