Meat consumption in Europe and the United States will peak in four years

Meat consumption in Europe and the United States will peak in four years

The rapid growth of plant-based alternatives to animal products will see meat consumption in Europe and North America reach its peak in the middle of this decade and then begin to decline. This is shown by a study conducted by Boston Consulting Group (PCG) and Blue Horizon Corporation.

The study argues that alternatives to meat, eggs, milk and fish would generate at least $ 290 billion in annual global sales in a decade. At the time, nine of the ten most popular foods in the world would be an alternative without animal products on the market, according to researchers.


These alternatives currently have a market share of 2 percent. It will rise to at least 11 percent by the middle of the next decade, the report said. “With rapid advances in technology and regulations, a 22 percent share of that time is possible,” said Decker Walker, head of agribusiness at Boston Consulting.

The researchers also point out that in two years plant-based alternatives will be sold in the market at the same price as meat.

“Increasingly people are looking for alternatives to meat and dairy products,” Walker says. ‘This trend is driven by growing concerns about health, the ecological footprint of animal husbandry and animal welfare.’

It is still said that alternative proteins are a futuristic concept and many consumers will reject artificial meat products. In fact, developed economies are very close to a point. In those regions, traditional meat consumption will begin to decline again for the first time in history. ‘


“The global implications of converting to alternative proteins are significant,” Walker notes. “If alternative proteins increase their market share to 11 percent over the next fifteen years, one billion tons of carbon dioxide production will be avoided.”

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In addition, the area comparable to the total area of ​​the United Kingdom is no longer used for breeding animals. In addition, poultry farming could be reduced by 50 billion samples. ‘

Decker also said meat substitutes are already enjoying great acceptance in recipes like spicy bolognese, where they make up only a small part of the overall taste profile. “Unprocessed meat, such as steak, may be the last sector where realistic alternatives are introduced,” says the researcher.

In fifteen years, the report says, two-thirds of alternative protein products will be of vegetable origin. One-fifth will be produced by microorganisms, while 10 percent will come from biologists.

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