McDonald's roept klanten op zich te laten vaccineren via packaging

McDonald’s invites customers to be vaccinated by packaging

The United States is doing all it can to vaccinate its residents, and American companies are putting their best foot forward. Uber, for example, takes people to vaccination sites for free, and McDonald’s tries to convince its customers to get vaccinated with McCaff cups and McDeliver seal stickers: ‘We can do this!’.

From We can do thisThe campaign will begin in May 2021 on a McDonald’s Times Square billboard. Beginning in July, trophies and seal stickers will guide customers to the, where they can learn more about vaccines.

Vaccine Hospital at Head Office
VP for Global Public Policy and Government Relations. McDonald is happy to do his part. This is a team effort and we are proud to enter into this partnership to provide reliable, independently verified vaccine information to our clients. ‘McDonald’s announced in January that employees would be paid four hours to get vaccinated. Earlier this month, McDonald’s held a vaccination clinic for local workers at its Chicago headquarters.

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