Mayor Tommelein wants clarification about KVO: “What is the future plan for the existing investors?” | Sports nearby

“Unless asked to mediate, I will not be involved in any takeover talks between private parties or companies. But the fact that the city of Ostend has a role in this story. The runway (owned by Marc Coucke and his investment group Alychlo, ed.) was built on city lands. states. The lease is that KVO must play professional football, so be active in the first or second division.If not, the stand becomes the property of the city, but there is a risk that no team will play in it.In addition, we support youth work with City financially. That’s exactly why I wanted to know about the future plans of current US investors,” Tomlin confirms. “I have met the face of these investors, Paul Conway, regularly on KVO, but it has been a long time since I heard him. Does he really want to sell the club? What is his concrete idea with KV Oostende? I want to clarify as soon as possible: I expect a solid plan for the future of a football club our foot.”

“The new football season is coming sooner than you think. Nor can the intention be for a takeover to be negotiated in the middle of the season.” We recently saw a volleyball club stop (Hermes Oostende, ed.), without being aware of their problems. I don’t want to see another club closed. The social interest is too great for this. In the past, investors have promised to write the story of an interconnected city, but little has been achieved. So I call on the current owners to be clear in their communications.” Tomlin also hopes the club will prepare itself in all areas to compete for promotion to the First Division.

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