Maxime on The Bachelor's Exit: Tony suddenly looked different

Maxime on The Bachelor’s Exit: Tony suddenly looked different

Although the girl from Amsterdam admitted that her last date with Tony was a little “uncomfortable” here and there, she didn’t expect that she wouldn’t get a rose from him. Especially since the desired bachelor opened the doors of the villa for her only a few hours ago. “I guess it’s obvious what my bad point is,” Maxime laughs when you look at her again Unmarried-Adventure. “You were actually the first to have two singles, and they also ended romantically. And then you get kicked out under the guise: A kiss can tell a lot…”

Maxim continues: “Honestly, the date was different from the first time we saw each other, I totally agree. It was also more difficult because he had to cook and talk, and that wasn’t good there. She is also kind of awkward silence.”

However, Maxim returned to Casa Rosa with a positive feeling. “When you’re in the last three at the Rose Party and there’s a comment like that… you think at first that the tune wasn’t right. But if he felt that way… it certainly wasn’t subtle. (… ) as You see some quotes from dates that you think: He suddenly became completely different, and I wasn’t expecting that.”

Despite her sudden exit, UnmarriedPretty babe, leftover feelings Her first date with DJ. “If I could choose from all the dates I’ve seen, I really think my date is the coolest. Can I say that? Yes I can say that,” you look back. She even had a “tense” after their first meeting. “But you get that very quickly, if you have such a nice history,” Maxim said.

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He’ll tell us why Tony made that decision next Thursday in a new episode of BSC in Videoland. all episodes very comfortable Do you think over here.

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