Maxime Milland gave birth to a healthy baby girl |  Instagram

Maxime Milland gave birth to a healthy baby girl | Instagram

Maxim had been looking forward to the little one’s arrival for weeks. She recently released “I’m About to Surprise,” and rubbed her big belly. She writes on Instagram The family is thrilled. There she is, dear Fifi. We’ve been waiting impatiently for you for nine months, and now you’re finally here with us. You will get all the love from us, just like your older sister; who can no longer live without you.”

Fifi, 3,520 grams clean on the hook, is the second grandson of Grandpa Martin and Grandma Erica. From a previous relationship, Maxime had a daughter Claire (4), who appears regularly Chateau Melland, the series that earned the family the Golden Televizier Ring. Earlier this year, the whole family moved to Noordwijk, where Maxim’s sister Montana runs a home furniture store.

Maxim has never hidden that she wants a brother or sister to Claire. While filming the reality series in France, she went looking for a suitable sperm donor. Finally, I met freelance photographer Leroy Mulkenbauer (29 years old) during a shooting day in the Netherlands. Soon the pregnancy announced itself. “She’s everything to me,” Leroy previously told 538 radio DJ Frank Dine about Maxime. “I’ve always been single, I’ve enjoyed life and gone to parties. Until you actually meet the person. That’s how I feel for me. I’ve never been in love before and we both believe ‘if that’s the way it is,’ and we really felt that way.” I don’t plan to leave her and I hope she won’t leave me either.”

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