Maxime Meiland on stopping Hallmark collaboration: 'Very double'

Maxime Meiland on stopping Hallmark collaboration: ‘Very double’

Maxim continues: “I discussed it before deciding to turn it off. Then, of course, it is strange that you put it online again.”

Erica Milland’s book

In “Erica: The Engine Behind Meilandjes,” Erica opens up about her political views. I have nothing against aliens. There are also Indians and Chinese. They come, learn the language, and work hard. When people come here and do their best and mingle, I don’t mind at all.”

But there is a “but” to it. But those freelancers who are all sending money to Turkey and the like, we don’t need that anymore. “The borders really have to be closed for that,” Erica says in her book.


It is clear that she is not a fan of Islam. This belief brings a lot of misery because of it and I think we should stop it. Not only terrorism but also oppression of women and cultural things like circumcision and all kinds of crazy customs.

Also, there’s a passage in the book that says, “Damn it, dude, with your burqa. I once saw three of those penguins walking down the Hoofdstraat in Noordwijk. That’s not normal is it? Just don’t do it here.”

View Maxim’s reaction below.

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