Maxima with her family and mother-in-law at a concert in Carré

Maxima with her family and mother-in-law at a concert in Carré

King Willem Alexander did not want to reveal the surprise in store for his wife on Monday. Maxima said she had already had a very nice week with the concert tour.

Central to the evening program in Carré is the desire of Maxima, expressed ten years ago, that all elementary school students receive a high-quality, structured music education. To this end, the More Music in Classes Foundation was created, which, with the Queen as Honorary Chair, is the driving force to achieve this goal.

“I want everyone to be able to create music and music. It doesn’t matter if you have talent or not, but if you have a little experience with music, you can learn to appreciate, appreciate and be influenced by it,” said the Queen. Her desire. In the lead up to Maxima’s 50th birthday, the “50 Days of Music” campaign has been intensified again, with the goal of getting at least fifty “musical chords” across the country or intent to do so.

Agreements on music education are set out in the Music Convention. Sometimes by province, sometimes by region, or just by city. Maxima also visited the country herself in recent days to be present at the signing of the agreements. “It tastes more than that because we have to have hundreds of tendons, so we have to keep working on it. But I’m very grateful that we’ve already come this far,” said Maxima.

She added that expanding secondary schools is another idea for the future. “Teaching music in elementary schools is the beginning. We all hope that children and young people continue to play music.”

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