Maxima wears a sundress in Albany, New York

Maxima wears a sundress in Albany, New York

After concluding the working visit to Georgia last night, the visit to New York State began this morning. Maxima wore a Nathan summer dress to the kick-off.

The visit to Albany began with a reception with New York Governor Kathy Hochul at the Governor’s Mansion. After the reception, a conversation took place with the Governor and Dutch executives of companies operating in Albany, an important technology center in the United States.

(c) Patrick van Cutwijk
(c) Patrick van Cutwijk

Afternoon programme

After lunch, the royal couple will visit NY Creates, a technology hub in New York and one of the world’s most important places for semiconductor research and development.
During the visit, the royal couple will be given a tour of the building, including the “clean room” equipped with the ASML machine. King and Queen Máxima will also meet with a Dutch business delegation in the field of semiconductors (semiconductors), integrated photonics and other companies and organizations operating in New York. The royal couple participates in the final part of the symposium. During this segment, Governor Hochul will speak, and a memorandum of understanding will be signed between the Netherlands and New York State to enhance cooperation in semiconductor research, development and production. The king also gave a short speech.

Schuyler Palace

At Schuyler Mansion, the historic 1763 home of Dutchman Philip J. Schuyler and Katherine Van Rensselaer, the royal couple will speak to young people about climate and a healthy living environment with New York Governor Kathy Hochul and other New York politicians.


The Maxima dress, made of yellow silk and sand-coloured guipure lace, comes from the studio of fashion house Nathan.

Patrick van Cutwijk

The garment debuted in 2017 during a visit to Sapa.

The dress is lengthened by extending the hem.

There’s still an inch or two left, it seems.

Close-up of the fabric:

We have already seen the donut (the hat with an open base) in different yellow shapes.

For those who still want to enjoy visiting Georgia, I have two great videos.

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