Máxima wears a new dress during a business mission in New York

Máxima wears a new dress during a business mission in New York

The fashion scene doesn’t stop there! Today Máxima is every inch a queen again, thanks in part to her new dress and hat.

In New York, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima begin walking through Brooklyn’s East Flatbush neighborhood, where community empowerment is key. They talk to various residents and organizations about urban challenges, such as climate, affordable housing and resilient society.

Patrick van Cutwijk

At the New Lab, a startup incubator space located in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, the royal couple will then speak to business event participants with a focus on startups, inclusive finance, energy and clean technology.

Future400: Castillo map

As part of Future400, a series of cultural and community events celebrating Dutch history in New York, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will also view the exhibition New York Before New York: Castello’s Plan for New Amsterdam about an important part of “Dutchness.” New York” and the role of different communities, including indigenous people and slaves, within New Amsterdam. One of the most important of these maps is the Castillo Map, which tells the story of New Amsterdam.

Future400: Highline

The High Line is a major public park and public art gallery in New York City, built on an old elevated train track with gardening and design in the public spaces. The gardens were designed by Piet Oudolf and focus mainly on native plants and sustainability.
The royal couple takes a stroll on the High Line, where an explanation is given by Alan van Capelle, executive director of Friends of the High Line. At the end of the tour, they talked to the young people who work on the High Line about the meaning the park holds for them.

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On the fourth day of the trade mission, Máxima put a new dress in her bag. It is a light blue design with green accents and sheer sleeves. More information to follow.

(c) Patrick van Cutwijk

The green calot was made by Jolanda, Maxima’s maid. Years ago, I took a millinery course with milliner Perry Rutges. Since then, her hats have been featured regularly. Máxima also has this camel design in her large wardrobe.

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