Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo joke at a press conference: 'Am I the most famous?  Then I can retire '|  sports

Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo joke at a press conference: ‘Am I the most famous? Then I can retire ‘| sports

VideoMax Verstappen sitting at a press conference next to Daniel Ricciardo, this is a request to laugh, shout and roar. And that’s exactly what happened in Austin, Texas. “It looks like all twelve of your friends voted for you.”

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By Arjan Scott

They sang a birthday song together for a young American fan. American cowboys talked to each other. There was some laughter and laughter. Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo have been wearing a different shirt for a few seasons, but his former teammates still get on well with each other. That turned out to be the case in Austin, where the Australian and Limburger sat together at the press conference ahead of the US Grand Prix.

‘It’s a shame we never share a room again,’ said Verstappen with a chuckle. “Sure,” replied Ricardo, “the first year I had major problems sleeping.” That was really hard, yeah. Verstappen responded to the nightmares, everything. And Ricardo again: ..I woke up long on a damp pillow. Turns out I cried in my sleep every night.”

When a big poll emerged among Formula One fans, things got ridiculous again. After all, Verstappen came out as the most popular driver around the world. ,, Finally the most popular? This is what I’ve always wanted. Now I can retire,” Verstappen laughed. “No, crazy. That’s why I’m not into this sport, of course.”

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“It seems that only twelve people voted. Ricardo answered with a laugh: Perhaps thirteen. Verstappen: Yes, all my friends, it is nice to see that they did.”

Title fight

Then the most serious part: the fight for the title. Ricciardo enjoys it a lot, as a former teammate and rival of Verstappen. There was that point where Max was sometimes a little anxious, and he made mistakes. In 2018 I saw that change, that maturity came. It is now ready. I’m sure Max can win the title.”

Then there is still something to do, realizes Verstappen, who, with six races remaining, is Lewis Hamilton six points ahead, who, however, has looked a little faster in recent races. “Of course we want to go faster. The result was good in the last race in Turkey (second edition), the performance is not. But this is a different track, different asphalt, different design. Everything can be different here.”

Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo in the background. © Getty Images

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