Martin and Philip are not yet recognized as a duo: they still have years to do on The Smartest Person |  The smartest look

Martin and Philip are not yet recognized as a duo: they still have years to do on The Smartest Person | The smartest look

The smartest lookWhich candidate stood out? What was Martin’s moment and which show provided the most conversational material? A look back at the third week of The smartest person.


Poor Carsu. Have you been working as an artist for several years now? With tours, albums, theatrical tours, a documentary film, her own cooking show, 822 thousand followers on Instagram, and yes, participation in Dear singerIn 2021. Then one day I looked at The smartest personPresenter Philippe Frericks asks the candidates: What do you know about Carso? Says one (VVD Member of Parliament Koeni Rajkowski): , plate. culture. tradition. artistic style. actor. Illustrated.” The other (comedian Boban Benjamin Braspinning): “Coming from Asia, Japanese, Chinese, art form, poetic form.”

You can still see pop and jazz singer Caruso perform this year. The Het Paard, Doornroosje, TivoliVredenburg and Concertgebouw halls are sold out in the fall, but tickets are still available for April 21 at Podium Fluor (Amersfoort).

Karsu Donmez, or Karsu. © Ben Hodijk


This year’s favorites, they have not yet raised – to put it mildly – to Champions League levels. Prince Charles is mistaken for Philip, no one knows anything about both Muiderslot (“a former castle?”) and Slot Loevestein and is the sparrow nowadays an egg-laying mammal? Dan Quinney Rajkowski. She received all kinds of gifts when she was sworn in as a Member of Parliament, a bird house, socks, and…a Bosatlas. Just surfing the internet will be enough to know something about Twente. Enschede, for example. Margon de Hond could not have come up with this either. Is there no weather?

No, it must be weird for the ultimate winner to come out of these first three weeks. Indeed, only Martin Rombauts (five stage victories!) rose above the unfortunate bar. The poet had practiced a lot in The smartest personapp, he said. He was constantly playing against Heleen21 who was “a little better”. Heleen21 (21 years old or from 1921?) had Brainy Smurf as an avatar. Rombouts would like to know who is behind Heleen21 and have filed an appeal. ,,keep in touch! I’m very curious!”

Rombouts was on a roll in the Education Museums exhibit, but was snapped when photos of the duo passed by. After Tom Cruise and Jerry Springer (Tom and Jerry), they were followed by Ernst Kuipers and Bobby Eden (Ernest and Bobby), followed by Martin van der Wijden and Prince Philip. To the disappointment of the presenter and member of the jury, no one thought of places for the smartest duo: Martin and Philip. Conclusion: they should last a long time.


© M

Martens moment

Martin van Rossem, the oasis in the desert of tales, horrified by the acute lack of (historical) knowledge, said (“The ignorance of many candidates is not unique this season’) this week to my colleague Sanne. Fortunately, there are also fewer mundane annoyances. In response to the viewer’s question, “Why do people eat unhealthily and in large quantities in America?” He told his story. How he ordered an omelette in America this year, – Omelette said, as if he was an uncle – and he took a lesson with her. I imagined the side food tower. I hope there will be pictures of that leaking out soon.

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