Martijn went through a difficult period after recording B&B Vol Love

Martijn went through a difficult period after recording B&B Vol Love

“The moment when Vina had to leave—she had to teach again at Bonaire—was intense,” he opened a book in the newspaper. “For Vina, it felt unreal. It happened so fast. I fell into a ditch and had a hard time.”

For example, Martijn has difficulty concentrating and makes many mistakes at work. Additionally, the two have to plan carefully when they can see each other, due to the time difference.

After a difficult conversation with Vena, he decided to pack his bags, because Martijn did not want to wait any longer. “I went to Bonaire for two weeks, a month and a half after the shooting. I only knew an art when I was standing in front of her (…) I loved seeing her life there. She would give everything for me, leave everything behind and migrate “missing things about Bonaire. It was important that she meet her friends, see the places where she party or go snorkeling. And I know what you’re talking about when you talk about it.”

They lived there for a while, and that made us want more. Fenna is currently living in a bed and breakfast for a while, but she will soon be moving to her own place in Lisbon. Martin sometimes feels very guilty about starting over for him in a foreign country: “She’s happy to be with me, but it’s also painful because she misses her there. That’s also part of it, and I understand very well.”

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