Martha Stewart is the oldest Sports Illustrated model at 81 years old

Martha Stewart is the oldest Sports Illustrated model at 81 years old

The case of “age doesn’t matter” … 81-year-old Martha Stewart proves it. The American businesswoman and TV chef graces the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swim-up edition. Isn’t it cool?!

Martha Stewart is the oldest Sports Illustrated cover model ever

The American was born in 1941 in New Jersey, USA. She is a business mogul with a net worth of around $400 million. Now that’s a great retirement. However, Martha isn’t sitting idly by, she’s far from done with the media. She’s now on the cover of Sports Illustrated, which is a highly sought-after job for every supermodel in the world. If you book the swimming version, you can call yourself a top model. Obviously, SI people also think about diversity and reality. Not only are the skinniest, most beautiful models booking the cover, big personalities from the media also have a chance. Kim Kardashian has been on the cover before. The magazine announces Martha’s debut as an SI model via Instagram:

“As a best-selling author and entrepreneur, #MarthaStewart has built an empire we can’t help but admire as she continues to make her mark as one of this year’s #SISwim23 cover models.”

The comments are full of compliments. “Now this represents what ‘aging’ actually looks like – diverse, modern, bold, elegant and sexy. A rethink is needed! Women are beautiful at any age.” And “Not real!!!!! This is creative!”

private life

Martha has obviously been around for many years and has been through a lot. She appears regularly on television, cooks, and writes, and has really established herself as a brand. However, it wasn’t always easy for her.. She even has some criminal activity to her name. In 2005 she was briefly arrested. Stewart’s demise came after she sold all of her shares of ImClone Systems stock in 2001 to save herself from financial ruin. You illegally obtained information about the stock from a previous contact of the broker, which is not allowed of course.

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Martha Stewart, 81, is the oldest Sports Illustrated cover model ever

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