Mart Hoogkamer will cover Spain song by Bassey and Adrian |  show

Mart Hoogkamer will cover Spain song by Bassey and Adrian | show

Singer Mart Hoogkammer will make a cover for the song Spanish sun From Bassey and Adrian. The song is scheduled to be released early next year. There is now a connection between the duo and Knockout singer Leiden And I’m going swimming. This was announced by a spokesperson for Pacey and Adrian on Sunday.

The song, which has earwig lyrics “In Spain, In Spain, In Spain / In Spain, the sun always shines”, dates back to 1978. The song was first heard in the TV series key secret. In the greenery, the famous clown and acrobatics sing their love for the country on the Mediterranean.

Hoogkamer recently spoke on NPO musical party On Plein he expressed his desire to give the figure a new look. In a chat on Omroep West, a connection was established between Hoogkamer and Bassie & Adriaan earlier this week. “Mart in life like us are like us” pays tribute to Adrian the singer. “He wants to bring people a lot of fun.”

It is intended that Bassey and Adrian will also appear in the video for the remake, provided they are both physically able to do so. Adrian is now 79 years old, and Basie is 86. Notably Bas van Tour, as his official name is, has been in poor health for years.

Martin Hoogkammer. © PRONOPRESS

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