Mart Hoogkamer Defends Her Friend: 'My Fame Doesn't Bother Her'

Mart Hoogkamer Defends Her Friend: ‘My Fame Doesn’t Bother Her’

When asked about this, the singer replied: “Jane successfully runs her own clothing boutique and my fame doesn’t bother her.” According to the 24-year-old, his girlfriend met him at the worst time in his life, when he was still unknown and his parents divorced. “I was so sad about it and so lonely in my big apartment. Jane took great care of me.”

Thanks to her, Mart also became more mature, as he admits in the magazine. “A friend of mine showed her a video of her on Instagram, I was instantly sold out. I needed a lot of perseverance to earn it. Only when we could talk longer during dinner did I feel good,” he says.

“Even when we saw each other daily, I had to wait months before she finally slept with me. It was different before with other girls, but Jen was worth the wait more.”

So you could say that Jennifer – or Jane as his sweetheart Mart calls her – is his big support. When he had double pneumonia, she was the one who advised him to slow down. The singer, who recently struggled with his health, said, “Not listening to my body is my biggest predicament. Although Jane now makes sure I listen to her: then I get a lot of wind from the front.”

It’s much better now, but the popular singer had to cancel a number of shows due to inflammation of the nasal passages. Because of that, he lost a lot of money…

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