Mars has earthquakes Mars - and how!

Mars has earthquakes Mars – and how!

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Mars is trembling, and not just a little. This is the conclusion reached by the Australian National University after extensive research on the Red Planet. The Australians analyzed data from NASA’s InSight lander, which has been at the surface since November 2018. By applying new techniques that separate background noise from surface motions, they have detected 47 new earthquakes in the past four years.

The earthquakes are probably the result of volcanoes, they mainly happened around some stillness volcanoes on the roof. Scientists concluded based on their data that sticky magma is still flowing under it. Sometimes they make the ground shake a little.

it was nasa before Tremors observed on Mars, but only during the night. That’s because their techniques for finding earthquakes aren’t sensitive enough. Only at night – on Mars and not on Earth – is it quiet enough in terms of background noise like wind to find tremors. However, the Australians noticed that the planet also shivered during the day. This means that seismic activity is not caused by, for example, gravity From one of the moons of Mars.

The research has been published in the journal Nature Communications.

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