Marlos: “By changing my lifestyle I no longer feel pain.”

Marlos: “By changing my lifestyle I no longer feel pain.”


“I was 30 and had only been a mom for a few months when the pain started,” Marlos says. “I was very tired and had severe pain in my joints, but I didn’t give in. I don’t ask for help easily, but it got worse and worse.” At a certain point, Marlos could no longer bear the quilt on her body. “The pain I felt then was almost excruciating.”

After the diagnosis, Marlos immediately received a lot of medication. “This is, among other things, to prevent deformities and infections, but the disadvantage is that my resistance has deteriorated due to the heavy medication.” As a result, Marlos sat shivering with fever under a blanket on the couch for a few days every week. “I was sick from the medication, but if I stopped taking it, I would be in so much pain again. I was completely stuck and more alive than alive. And that’s when I should be in the prime of my life.”

Marlos decided things had to be done differently and began looking for ways to control her rheumatism without taking a lot of medications. “It has been a years-long endeavor in which I have experimented with exercise, diets and my sleep rhythm. I have now reached a point where I am doing well and can live well with my disease without medication.


However, Marlos would have liked more information about how an adaptive lifestyle could help control rheumatism. “When I received my diagnosis seven years ago, there was no interest in it. The solution then was to take a lot of medication.” So Marloes wants to help other rheumatology patients. “I want to give others the tools that I myself lacked.” Marloes will, Among other things, by supervising the new platform “This means helping with questions and helping people on their way.”

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