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Ubisoft and Nintendo are working on a new Mario + Rabbids game. Ubisoft announced this during its future presentation. Mario + Rapids Sparks of Hope is coming to the Nintendo Switch next year.

Ubisoft announced during its E3 presentation that the turn-based game Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope no longer takes place just in the Mushroom Kingdom, but in an “entire world.” With that said, several characters from the Mario Galaxy games first appeared in the series, including Rosalina and the Rabbids version of that character. In total, the game will have nine playable characters, although not all of them have been announced yet.

The various characters in the game are teaming up against a new enemy, Corsa. The game also offers Sparks. Those are Rabbids skins from Lumas from Mario Galaxy. According to Ubisoft, the origin of these sparks is at the heart of the story. Sparks provide players with a powerful ability that they can use during combat. Ubisoft reports this while extensive discussion from the game.

The new title adds some changes to the gameplay, the developer reports. The levels are no longer linear. Instead, each planet becomes an open area for players to explore freely. The combat system also ignores “grid movements”. Players can freely place their characters on the battlefield. Like the previous version, Sparks of Hope will be a single player game.

Sparks of Hope is the second game in the Mario + Rabbids series. Ubisoft and Nintendo actually released Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle in 2017. It was also a turn-based strategy game, with the gameplay reminiscent of XCOM games.

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