Mario Andretti prepares to enter Formula One: "Everything goes on, as if we got the green light"

Mario Andretti prepares to enter Formula One: “Everything goes on, as if we got the green light”

Remy Ramjiawan

Singles world champion Mario Andretti reveals that his son Michael’s team is still trying to gain a foothold in Formula 1. Despite the fact that no green light has been given by the FIA ​​or FOM, preparations are underway behind the scenes for the Royal class as usual.

Andretti Global hopes to benefit from the growth of Formula 1 in America. If the team really does appear at the start, it will be the second team from the United States after HaasF1. Bee indie star The 82-year-old American told that Andretti Global will build a new headquarters where all racing activities will be arranged. There is also still hope that the team will appear on the starting grid for the 2024 season.

Nothing stops

It has recently become clear that Andretti Global’s potential entry could depend on resistance. Despite the resistance and the lack of agreement from the FOM or the FIA, a lot of work is going on behind the scenes. “We’re working on it. That’s all I can tell you, we’re working on it every day,” Champion opened in 1978. The project may be in the background, but the book is far from closed. “Nothing has stopped. The project continues, everything continues as if we got the green light,” he explains in earnest.


Not all teams are ready to welcome Andretti with open arms. The big objection is that the racing stable will also become part of the prize money and that is currently split between ten teams, but that could become eleven teams in the future. The loss of income, but also the overall value of the sport will be at risk, some teams fending for themselves. But for Andretti, it is only a matter of time before the team gets the starting ticket: “I don’t know how they can reject us at the end of the day with the commitment we have in front of them.”

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