Maria Heinemann is the new Chair of the Rathenau Institute Board

Hinman gained fame as a journalist and presenter at NOS Journaal and later as editor-in-chief of the current affairs program Netwerk. Since leaving journalism in 2004, she and her consulting firm, Henneman Strategies, have focused on providing strategic communications and policy advice to businesses, nonprofits, and (local) government. She has also held several advisory and management positions, including Radboud University and Innovation Platform. Since 2016, she has been the Chair of the Gender and Health Program Committee at ZonMw.

Henneman is looking forward to working at the Rathenau Institute: “I am delighted to be able to use my experience at this important institute, which connects the world of science, technology and innovation with management and social issues. It is very important that Rathenau assists the Instituut in making their decisions, because the proceeds of science, technology and innovation can change radically people’s lives and society.”

The Rathenau Institute was established in 1986 by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. For 35 years, the Institute has been contributing to social debate and political judgment about the impact of scientific and technological developments on society. By conducting its own research and curating dialogue, the Rathenau Institute nurtures public thought. In particular, the Institute has the task of supporting political governance in the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate and the European Parliament.

Hinman succeeds Jerdi Ferbet at the Rathenau Institute, who is no longer eligible for re-election after two terms as president.

By: National Education Guide

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