Margot DeGreeve of Isekem 21 of 21: "To the United States next year!"

Margot DeGreeve of Isekem 21 of 21: “To the United States next year!”

21, this is a magical age, especially if you can celebrate that birthday in 2021, we ask one of them every week about their plans, dreams and expectations.

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Margot Decreev has already been allowed to celebrate his birthday on March 1st. The happy student can often be found in Gentle, but she also likes to come to Ischem to meet her friends. Margot wants to study for a while more and then he expects a good job in the future, however he wants to make a good trip to the US next year. You are halfway through your vacation, were you able to enjoy it? ? “Sure! I already enjoyed it, but I did some work. I do babysitting often, I’ve already worked in the reception at WZC de Platon, I’m constantly serving at tschroefke in Kutch .I’m earning extra money that way. I’m fine. “” Besides work, I’ll go out occasionally. I like to go out with friends. I’m been a member of the choir since I was 12, and we seem to be a close family. S? “Initially the house was a little better. I enjoyed it. But I want it to be a little more normal this academic year. All of this has taken a lot of time. I have no idea that the pros really took those special circumstances into account. To bring everything to a good end you sometimes had to call online for four hours. Well, it worked, but next year I hope it will be normal student life again. “What exactly are you studying, what do you want to do with it?” I am studying Communication Science at the University of Kent.I still have an elementary year and after that I would like to pursue another year of Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Artevelt University of Applied Sciences and then have time to work.If I have to choose, I can see working in an editorial office. And challenging work, it seems to me something! ”But before you start working, do you have any travel plans for next year? Tell me! “In 2020 I’ll go to New York with my daughter – in – law. Our flight and stay were fixed, but unfortunately that did not happen. The project still needs to take shape, I still have a lot to read before we know what the trip will be like, but I’m already looking forward to it! ”(Melissa Vanwijsberg)

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