Maren de Vries: “You deserve a reprimand for dirty talk, not general ridicule” |  Displays

Maren de Vries: “You deserve a reprimand for dirty talk, not general ridicule” | Displays

Marijn de Vries believes that the actions taken by NOS Sport in response to the alleged cross-border behavior towards it are disproportionate to the seriousness of the breaches. The cycling analyst regrets having to get into this at the Sporting Editors.

De Vries said in a conversation with the Belgian weekly Homo About the resignation of the chief editor of NOS Sport. The editors initially wanted a phased withdrawal, but that was accelerated after more reports of alleged infringing behavior went unaddressed. also De Volkskrant He came up with a great article.

“In my case, the consequences for the offender are out of proportion to the crime. He is now seen everywhere in the story, now the doors may be closed on him. This should not have happened at all if he had just received a slap on the wrist at that time. Then he would have been It could be over, and no one would ever know it, and now there would be nothing wrong. It should never have gone this way. For dirty talk, you deserve reprimands, not public ridicule.”

A number of famous Dutch people have recently been accused of dissenting behaviour: (Video):

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De Vries (44) has reported foul language from a teammate in the past, but nothing has been done about it. The colleague who was the subject of the report was taken under protection. “I was just a little cog in everything. The easiest solution was to remove that cog, so the machine just kept running and nobody saw a thing,” said the former rider. In my column I wanted to show how big such a decision was for that gear. It is humiliating to feel that you are being treated indifferently. You are a pawn that can be thrown off the board. You are not more than that.”

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De Vries wrote a column for it a month ago Norwegian Refugee Council denounced the alleged violations. “When I was researching a topic for my article this week, I felt something blocked inside of me,” she admitted weeks later. Then I knew: I can’t turn the page without saying something about this. First, that story must be on paper, regardless of whether I publish it later.”

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