Mare Show West America: Jewels Black Diamond Provisional Crown (Jorn 430) Champion

Mare Show West America: Jewels Black Diamond Provisional Crown (Jorn 430) Champion

Three-year-old Jewels Black Diamond (Jorn 430 x Aan 416) was champion at the Mare Show West in America on Saturday 15 October. Jury members Jolanda Sludges and Willem Sonema created the mare, bred and owned by Annette Carpenter Provisional Groon.

Gold to diamonds

The mare show is actually the central inspection of the United States, where eight mares from the western region are registered to present themselves again for judging. During the mare show, Diamond exuded her poise and youth. Thanks in part to her classic head, she has a lot of ethnic looks with a well-shaped neck, where a little more neck doesn’t stick out. The mare has an upward rump direction, a strong topline, good shoulder position and a long, slightly sloping croup. As described by Jolanda Sludges and Willem Sonema, ‘His gait was spacious and tactful with lots of shoulder freedom and good use of the forefoot’. ‘The trot, sometimes somewhat high-pitched, was powerful, upward and through the body.’ Diamond received the first premium and became the temporary crown.

Fimke (Julius 486) was overall champion

Fimke Steer (Julius 486 x Sipke 450) impressed the older males and took the overall reserve championship along with the championship for older mares. Fimke was bred by Pierre and Darlene van der Hoek and was accompanied by owner Marieke Yabma. A five-year-old fimke has a slightly longer but expressive head, a well-shaped neck and plenty of neck. She combines a strong top with good body direction and a sufficiently long croup. Underneath her dry feet are some short hooves. Judges found Fimke active and stepping wide from the shoulder. Her trot was lively and graceful uphill and had plenty of bend in the hind leg where she could have turned a bit more.

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Crown mare Marget’s first premium

The first premium was for the ten-year-old Grünmaer Marget van de Slingenberg Grün Sport AA (Bente 412 x Olof 315). Marget, bred by Willem Vogelsang and owned by Annette Carpenter, had already delivered her champion foal by Dean 505 this year, but showed in good condition. The mare has a fairly expressive, somewhat long head, long neck and beautiful coat. Her top was strong enough and her crotch was sloping. She’s a little show-treading and her legs are a little more classy. But Marget mainly presented an agile walk that was supple, powerful hindquarters and a trot with sufficient purpose.

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