Marc van der Linden confirms his departure from Royalty Magazine

“Following today’s reports, I confirm that, following my cerebral infarction, I am saddened to no longer serve as editor-in-chief of Royalty magazine, which I conceived and launched in 2007,” he said in a written message. “From Audax, a company set up by the late Jacques de Leeuw, and for which I worked for 34 years, largely as a freelance journalist, I understand there will be no successor as editor-in-chief.”

Mark says he will continue to deal with royalty. “I have been working for some time with great pleasure for the weekly Privé and various foreign magazines and newspapers.” It is reported that there are also a number of new projects that will be launched later on the agenda of the royal family expert.

The journalist wishes his former Audax colleagues “good luck in the future”. “I’m so grateful for the wonderful years I had there and the opportunities I had,” Mark thinks. “It was great to publish a new magazine that has since grown to be the biggest in the business.”

In the internal letter dated May 24, which is in the hands of the National Ports Agency, it can be read that Mark and Audax Publishing have “divorced themselves”. Audax Publishing declined to comment.

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