Marc Marie responds to Ozkan Akyol: Eyes are dead

Marc Marie responds to Ozkan Akyol: Eyes are dead

Talk shows often use regular guests to highlight and because someone fits into the show so well. This is how Mark Marie works regularly jink And lover† Remarkably, of course, Ozkan finds this difficult. It can be found on a talk show more than once adMark Marie, columnist Angela de Jong agrees. “Eus is really everywhere. He only comes by train. He does not need to know in advance where he is going. He only comes if he can write a small bill. For 12.50 euros you have Eus in your program. Bee HLF8bee VIbee Khaled and Sophiebee jink and with lover† It’s just all over the place, the comedian said in his podcast Mark Marie and Av find something

Then Mark Marie made it personal. “I think he’s very cute, because that’s what he talks about with dead eyes. There’s just something about that.” Adds Aaf Brandt Corstius: “With those dead eyes you can’t really see what’s going on inside.” To which Mark Marie delivers the slam dunk: “I don’t think there’s much going on there either, but okay.”

Mark Marie explains why he often accepts RTL talk show invites. “I sit alone with Eva or Beau, or else I always cancel everything. I love sitting with Eva and Beau. I like to make these two laugh and have something with them. I’m not anywhere. You definitely shouldn’t whine if I’m you (Ozcan, editor) )”.

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