Marc Dutro on striking from prison as he is no longer allowed to do housework with shorts | Abroad

Marc Dutro on striking from prison as he is no longer allowed to do housework with shorts |  Abroad

Marc Dutro, 64, refuses to do strange work in Neville Prison, Belgium. According to his attorney, the management is trying its best to make it as difficult as possible for him. Among other things, the ban on working in shorts would have gone wrong with the child killer. This is why I go on strike.

Dutroux has been doing housework in prison since 2015. This way he wants to escape from the isolation of his cell. He started cleaning the gym once a week, and now he does the housework for three hours a day and keeps the yard tidy.

Dutroux gets paid around € 4 a day for his work, which he believes is a very small amount. After several accidents, he is now on strike. “They did everything to make his life miserable,” said his lawyer, Bruno Days. “He had to start at 6 am for no reason, he was no longer allowed to work in shorts and they also left him in the cold for an hour. They made fun of him, so it makes sense that he’s now satisfied.”

‘strong hit’

So Dutro is currently spending whole days in his cell again, except for a short walk. His last visitor, Catholic priest Francois Gregoire, died suddenly in November. This was a huge blow to my client. This man provided great moral and psychological support every week, “says his lawyer.

Dutro killed Julie Lejon, Melissa Russo, Ann Marshall, and Evgie Lambrix in the 1990s. Sabine Dardenne and Letitia Delhese can be rescued from their clutches. A judge sentenced him to life in prison in 2004 for kidnapping, imprisonment and sexual assault of the six girls in 1995 and 1996. He is now behind bars for nearly 25 years.

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