Major League Soccer comes with some simple rules that will definitely make soccer better

Major League Soccer comes with some simple rules that will definitely make soccer better

In America’s soccer competition, Major League Soccer (MLS), a number of new soccer rules will be in place from this weekend. We haven’t seen these rules before in modern football, so we’d like to take you along to provide some explanation of these new rules.

The new football rules will mainly affect substitutions, VAR and injuries. All this to maintain speed in the game.


The first rule that Major League Soccer will implement applies to players who are on the ground due to injury. If the injured person remains on the ground for more than fifteen seconds, he or she must be treated by medical personnel off the field. The requirement is that it must be safe enough for the player to move. If a player is tackled outside the touchline, he must wait two minutes before he can re-enter the field.

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There should also be more speed in the keys. If a player is substituted, he is given ten seconds to leave the field. If this takes longer, the substitute must wait sixty seconds before being allowed to participate in the match. So that’s an end to wasting time and long audience changes. MLS wants to speed things up. For us, this makes sense, because who doesn’t get tired of all that wasted time?

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Finally, the video referee. From now on, VAR will have to justify its decision to TV viewers and fans in the stadium. This way, as a fan, you can see for yourself how the judges arrived at their conclusion. Perhaps then we will understand the choices arbitration makes a little better. We may also see these rules in top European competitions, but for now they only apply in the United States.

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