Lubach’s satirical poll movie goes viral worldwide

the evening show Again enjoying international success. A satirical video about the Russian referendum in Ukraine evening show, presented by Arjen Lubach, has reached several countries. This has already been reported by the Belgian, Italian, American and German media. The clip has been viewed millions of times.

Sure enough, the video also reached Russian viewers, especially thanks to a message on Twitter from journalist Olaf Koenz. The item has been viewed 1.1 million times in Koens’ post alone. The video is also circulating in Russian Telegram groups. The referendum video is Lubach’s biggest internet hit since he started with it evening showHuman Factor TV producer confirms. Lubach has come under fire recently for making what some say is a “tasteless” joke about the late Queen Elizabeth.

Our King William IV is your king too.

The video shows how Lubach gives a private show. With the item, which was shown on VPRO on Wednesday night, Lubach responded to Russian President Putin’s decision to organize a referendum on joining Russia in parts of Ukraine. Laubach argues that a referendum should be held on Russia’s accession to the Netherlands, due to the two countries’ long historical ties.

The video claims, “Our King Willem IV is also yours.” “Because in 1816 Anna Bolona, ​​daughter of Czar Paul I, married Willem II, grandfather of William IV.” Below is a photo of Willem-Alexander and Maxima having a beer with President Putin during the 2014 Sochi Winter Games.

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Lubach also argues in his video that Putin’s daughter, Maria, has lived in Voorschoten for a long time. “Because, believe me, you do not live there for pleasure, but for your true Motherland!”

Earlier world hit Lubach

This isn’t the first time people have seen Lubach cross the border. In 2017, he presented the show Sunday with Lubach It’s called a satirical movie America first, Holland second, Referring to then US President Trump. In this movie, Lubach introduces Holland to America. The video has been viewed nearly 30 million times on YouTube.

Lubach lost his credibility earlier this week when he hosted host Tim Hoffman. There the two joked about which of them was the “biggest bastard”, until Hoffman suddenly got serious when the “n-word” came up.

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Lubach’s satirical poll movie goes viral worldwide

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