Lots of partying, but problems with tickets • Relaxing started

Lots of partying, but problems with tickets • Relaxing started

There are reports from across the country of people who did not get a result after an entrance test, for example, visiting a nightclub. As a result, a picnic fell into the water. Tonight was the first nightclubs allowed to reopen since March 2020.

There were problems with Tests for Access results all day yesterday. Typically, the test person receives the results via email within an hour, containing a code that you can convert into an entry ticket in the CoronaCheck app. Now it took much longer and many people did not get any results at all before they started their activity.

The reporter, Youssef Abjeej, was in a club in Amsterdam at the beginning of the night, where he reported that dozens of visitors did not obtain a test certificate. They can do a quick test at the door. Most of the guests got a score and thus were able to get in.

The Open Netherlands Foundation says delays on Testen voor Access test streets are “most likely” caused by a hacking attempt. “We are working urgently to find a solution and will send the results as soon as possible,” Available on the site.

By the way, problems affect not only people who live at night, but also people who planned something today. Visitors interested in TT also reported Assen on Twitter who do not yet know if they will be accepted into the ring.

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