Lots of interest in wine festivals in Grosbeak

Lots of interest in wine festivals in Grosbeak

Groesbeek is the wine village of the Netherlands. Wine festivals were held there on 24th and 25th September. During the wine festival, everything that makes a wine village unique comes together. This year’s parties took place at four vineyards: Wijnhoeve de Colonjes, Wijngaard de Plack, Klein Amerika and van Ditshuizen, all in Groesbeek. Both earlier and later vineyards are organic.

“We all enjoyed these wine festivals 2022. Glad you were there, glad you weren’t, make sure you don’t miss out on September 23 and 24, 2023,” Dutch wine festival Groesbeek responded on Facebook after the event.

The Dutch Viticulture Center speaks on facebook About a great success: “Looking back at a very successful weekend: Groesbeekse Wijnfeesten 2022. The turnout was high in all the participating vineyards, the wine flowed abundantly and the oysters, pizzas and burgers were in high demand. In short, the 2022 edition was a great success! Saturday rained, But very comfortable (nice and comfortable). Perfect for Saturday’s weather with beautiful sun on Sunday. Hope you enjoyed! Make a note for next year, then Madhu 2023 with festivals on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September.”

At the various vineyards, visitors discovered a country theme in addition to the Grosbeak wines:

  • Vineyard de Plack: Live music and wine trade from France and Les Copains, home-made French wines from Cahors, coq au.
  • Vineyard de Colonges/Wine Center: Live music from Germany and La Banda Caliente.
  • Vineyard Clean America: Italy Italian wines clean and fashionable, delicious fresh pizza.
  • Vineyard Van Tishuizen: Portugal & Spain (Organic) Portuguese wine house and Van Asch wines and live music Fresh organic tapas.

All the photos above were taken at the organic vineyard, Tietshuizen.

It is in Wijngaard de Colonjes / Wijnbouwcentrum.

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