Lori DeVos (22) is back with the best talent of Kortrick from the United States

Lori DeVos (22) is back with the best talent of Kortrick from the United States

Laure DeVos left four years ago on a mission to America where she went to study and play bass in Colorado. The 22-year-old looks like Kortrijk is ready to start professionally. “As a young player, I have played for several years with the national team in several European Championships and Youth Olympic Games,” Laure opens the conversation.

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As a young player, I have played for several years with the national team in several European Championships and Youth Olympic Games, “Laure opens the conversation.” College coaches attend these European championships, and during that time many of those colleges called me, but I never answered them. I was just late, in March 2017, I decided that this would be a good step for me to gain experience and combine basketball with studies. Soon the connections were established, and Colorado State University seemed to be my better option. Combined with sports at a high level, I got my BA in Biochemistry. ”At the moment, there are only 5 players from Belgium playing in the NCAA. Few girls want to take this step. I personally recommend this one for sure. The time to start as a pro player will come later. You will have the opportunity to combine your sport with studies in order to obtain a diploma. For me it was a very beautiful, adventurous experience. You will see many unique places and learn about other cultures and lifestyles. It taught me a lot as a person and as a basketball player. “For Laure, who moved to the United States four years ago, I had to adapt especially during her first year on the other side of the ocean.” I was a student, it was a tough season but very educational, ”starts Laure.“ We ended up in the middle class as a team. In the second and third years, we had a competition end due to some setbacks, the newly formed team, and injuries. We had the top spot this year for some time, but were third at the end. I thought that was a shame because it was really our goal to play champions. Unfortunately, Covid ensured that we finally got a serious break and we are out of rhythm with the other teams. All Mountain West Team “The past four years have been very beneficial to me, both on and off the field. It had to adapt a bit to the style of the game in which I also had to play in multiple positions. The coaches trusted me so much and I quickly belonged to the” Beginning Five ” , And it was necessary to improve some aspects of my game, and the coaches helped me tremendously in the process.I worked long hours in the hall and in my second season the progress was evident quickly. Also a little bit to get the best of my final year. In the short, separate season of Covid, I was able to put myself in the spotlight for several matches. For example, I was elected to the All Mountain West team, which is a team made up of the best players. ” Lore suffered a difficult period. “In my third year, I already had a knee injury in the first official game. This kept me on the sidelines for more than two months, which means that I lost more than half of the season and never got back on track when I restarted. I didn’t fully recover from it until the summer after the season. Mentally speaking, it was hard not being able to contribute to the team’s results on the field. Am I satisfied with the progress I made there? Of course, “(X-rays)” in college in America you have a very good environment. In addition to the trainer, you have 3 assistant trainers, a physiotherapist and a strength trainer. This way I got stronger physically but also mentally. Since the room is available at any time of the day, I would often find me there. I put several hours into my three points and jump in. This helps me be dangerous in many areas of the game. ”Lore’s adventure ended last weekend. Since her return (Sunday) she has had to quarantine for at least 7 days.“ Before leaving, I had to be able to submit a virus test. Corona negative, on the day of arrival, I was tested again. A week before my departure, I was fortunate enough to be able to register as a 16-year-old to get vaccinated against Coronavirus. Next weekend I can continue to be quarantined in a vacation home, then I will finally be able to spend time with my family again. Training Belgian Cats Cat training begins in May. It is a busy schedule as the European Championships and Olympic Games take place this summer. In preparation, some matches will be played on Belgian soil. But there are also exhibition games in Spain and directly before the games in Japan. My goal is definitely to someday be part of a cat’s permanent core. I hope this summer I will be able to participate for as long as possible and gain experience. I really worked hard to get to where I am now. My goal now is to be able to work with a European team. Performances are coming now, and Kelly is watching everything. It is important to make the right decisions for my future. Every ambitious player dreams of starting WNBA. Because of my years in college, starting shortly thereafter at a higher level in Europe, I definitely don’t find this a problem as this was a one-off experience that I would contribute to my entire life. I will go step by step. The competition I am in has to reach a certain standard, and playing the European Cup will be a bonus. These are the steps to take before you start the Euroleague, ”says Laure DeVos. (EL)

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