Loretta gives health update: 'She's changed a lot after that hospital'

Loretta gives health update: ‘She’s changed a lot after that hospital’

Quente will have to part with her friend for the foreseeable future, but she has found a temporary and worthy replacement in Patrick Martens. Although the two women spent a large part of their summer vacation we spent together While enjoying cheese and shrimp, Quente calls Ploretta to ask how things are going.

from coffee timeMoghadam was diagnosed this spring with early stage colon cancer. Since Loretta went under the knife, she’s out of the race not only having a big cut and a hole in the process. “I still had pneumonia. I had an abscess, but what a great hospital, that Antoninus. What great nurses. What a selfless people,” she says below.

Loretta bows deeply before the staff in the suite I stayed in. “I changed a lot after that hospital,” Loretta said. “I became more emotional, more sensitive. I loved people again.” “I’m still recovering,” she continues. “The wound is not completely closed yet, and the stoma is not going as it should. My case is being worked on.”

After 3,000 steps a day and going up the stairs, Loretta was already on the ground. “All these things take a lot of time. That’s why I can’t be with you,” she concluded.

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