Looking at 30 years of success Carlo and Erin: 'Carlo fails first'

Looking at 30 years of success Carlo and Erin: ‘Carlo fails first’

Before Eric started writing the book, he had never seen Carlo and Erin together in real life. However, the meeting felt as if he had known them for years, he says: “When you’re in a room where they are both, the feeling is there instantly. Telekids zat from life and cooking.

However, Eric was previously afraid that they would be two completely different people than they are on TV. “I’ve met famous people before, they weren’t always fun. Of course I didn’t know Carlo and Erin, so I thought: maybe it’s more like work or they act too far. Or worse: soon everything will be done. Fortunately, it wasn’t any From that is true.

Eric knows why the TV duo has been so successful: “They give each other things off. I don’t think you can last long with each other if you don’t. They became so successful because they fought for each other.”

Plus, Carlo and Erin always go through their gut feeling, says Eric. “Their strength is that they know when to stop. They always stop at the peak.”

Eric was given complete freedom when writing the book: no topic remained unchanged. “There is nothing they said beforehand: We don’t want to address this or it should be deleted. Apart from the inaccuracies of the facts, nothing has been left out.” Eric is glad that not only the successes of the duo are discussed, but also that we see the negatives of the television world. “It wasn’t always one big success story. They had a lot of bumps in their path before they got where they are now.” For example, we found out that Carlo’s career initially didn’t go smoothly: “When Carlo started at RTL, his career was It had already started. It ended too quickly. It completely flopped and RTL wanted to get rid of it.”

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It was Irene who continued to believe in the presenter. “Irene actually wanted from the beginning to do it Telekids It came, but the RTL said, “No.” In the end Carlo was allowed to do it Telekids trying. There Carlo and Irene kept their feet. They said, “We’ll do this together.” They have been rewarded with success Telekids, and later also life and cooking employment from TV canteenEric explains.

The book will launch Thursday night on RTL Boulevard, tonight from 6.35pm on RTL 4. You can pick up a copy yourself from tomorrow, but pre-order now.

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