Longest sentence to date for Capitol Stormer: More than five years in prison

Longest sentence to date for Capitol Stormer: More than five years in prison

New photos of the storming of the Capitol.AP . image

During the stampede, insurgents attempted to prevent Parliament from certifying the victory of presidential candidate Joe Biden. Palmer, a 53-year-old Florida man, threw a fire extinguisher at the officers. He also hit them with a wooden plank. After his skirmishes, he appeared in front of the camera of the present journalist, wearing a Donald Trump hat. He said he “did nothing wrong” and identified himself by name and place of residence. Two weeks later, he was arrested by the FBI.

Palmer apologized in court on Friday for his actions. He said he was “horrified” to look at the photos showing how he assaulted the officers. “I feel very, very ashamed,” he was quoted by US media HuffPost as saying.

Qanoon Shaman

The apology did not prevent the judge from issuing the harshest sentence yet for the storming of the building. Previously, Jacob Chansley, better known as “Kunun Shaman,” who photographed himself extensively in the Capitol Senate Chamber with bison horns and his colorful face. He was sentenced to 41 months in prison.

“It should be clear that any attempt to overthrow the government by force and any attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power and attack law enforcement officers will be punished with absolute punishment,” Judge Palmer told Palmer. “Show your children that while we make mistakes and can do bad things, that doesn’t make us irreproachable.”

More than 700 Capitol fighters have been charged so far. This is by no means all rebels. The FBI estimates that a total of more than 2,500 people committed crimes on January 6, but the FBI has not yet been able to identify everyone.

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