Llama returns to TV after 14 years |  TV

Llama returns to TV after 14 years | TV

After the summer, the episodes should appear on RTL’s streaming service. It has been nearly fourteen years since the popular program disappeared from the tube. “When we stopped, I thought: ‘We might do this for theater someday, but not for TV again,'” Nikolai said on Friday. “But the last time we talked about it, we all thought, Why not?”

Van Koningsberg says that men have changed. According to him, the “young dogs who wanted to register” and “the vanities” were all but gone. “Now we’re on the podium and you’ve noticed the difference: There’s more peace, and you’re giving each other something. You think too much about the whole rather than being selfish.”

TV episode

Lama’s ran the show of the same name for BNN from 2004 to 2008. The improvisational show, which previously featured Ari Komen and Sara Cross, among others, was a huge hit with a Golden Televizier Ring award in 2006. Nikolai and Beckande in particular became One of the big TV stars through the program.

On the 10th anniversary in 2014, a one-off reunion episode took place. The comedians returned in 2017 with performances at the Ziggo Dome. Last year it was announced that Nikolai, Beckand, van der Meer and van Koningsberg would continue under the name Tafkal, which represents Artists Formerly Known As Llama† This year and next year they will play in Dutch theaters several times.

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