Livestream: Watch Apple WWDC 2021 live

Livestream: Watch Apple WWDC 2021 live

Tonight, Apple hosts WWDC 2021, one of Apple’s most fun events of the year. From Cupertino, Apple unveils new operating systems: iOS 15, macOS 12, and more. In addition, there is a good chance that Apple will announce one or more new products. WWDC 2021 starts at 7:00 PM NST, and you’ll want to watch it live! Below you will find the live broadcast of the Apple event.

1. Watch the Apple event live on YouTube

Just like in previous versions, an Apple event can be followed via a file YouTube Livestreamthat you see above. When you open the link, you can actually click on “Set Reminders”. You will then be notified when WWDC 2021 is about to begin.

2. Watch WWDC 2021 live on your iPhone, iPad or Mac

With an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can of course also watch the live stream via the above broadcast, but the live stream of an Apple event can also be found in Safari or another browser. To do this, go to the special file Bab events from Apple.

3. Apple event live stream on Apple TV

You can also watch directly on your Apple TV. If you have a second or third generation Apple TV, a private channel will automatically appear tonight in which you can catch the action live. On Apple TV 4 and later, download the Apple Special Event app from the App Store. With the first generation Apple TV (from 2007), unfortunately, you have to content yourself with the first or second tip.

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4. Via iCreate!

You don’t have to watch an Apple event live, but do want to follow WWDC developments? then follow Tweet embed On Twitter for a live blog! You don’t have time for that, but would like to read a summary next with all the highlights of the keyword? Then subscribe to our newsletter:

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The nice thing about this WWDC release is that it’s still exciting what exactly Apple will reveal. OK: iOS 15iPadOS 15 and macOS 12 have been announced, but no features have been leaked yet — so we don’t know much. Moreover, there is a possibility that Apple will announce two new MacBook Pro models and may surprise the tech giant with more new devices. In short: Lots of reasons to watch WWDC live tonight!

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