Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp says 'not angry', but disappointed: 'It will never happen here' |  Football

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp says ‘not angry’, but disappointed: ‘It will never happen here’ | Football

“I’m not angry. But someone decided that we would play in Brazil on Thursday and Saturday afternoon. We had no influence on that,” he said in a request to Liverpool to move the game with Watford. “Atletico will not play this weekend and it will never happen here. We have known this for a while and have decided that those guys are going straight.

At Watford, coach Claudio Ronieri makes his debut. “I have a lot of admiration for Ranieri. But as a coach it’s very difficult to see how Watford treats coaches,” Klopp said. Just you just learned the name of a new coworker or he is already gone. I don’t like it, I have to say it. I have been working here for six years now and I don’t know how many coaches I met on Watford’s bench.

Liverpool are second in the Premier League with 15 points after seven games. Chelsea still have 1 point.

Rashford returns to Manchester United

Marcus Rashford faces return to Manchester United. The attacker will travel to Leicester with United for the game against Leicester City on Saturday afternoon (4pm).

The 23-year-old Rashford underwent shoulder surgery in early August and has not played since the European Championships.

Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford

“He’s part of the selection, but I can not say if he will start. He worked hard during the international competition. He had an hour – long closed door fight, so he’s ready for it,” said coach Ole Gunner Solscare.

Harry Maguire began training Friday. The captain was injured in the calf late last month. United are fourth in the Premier League with 14 points after 7 games.

City of Manchester

Pep Cardiola of Manchester City wants to stay at Raheem Sterling Club and fight for his place. The frustrated attacker had announced a day earlier that he was ready to leave the Premier League champions.

The England international have been playing for City since 2015 and have won three championships at the club. The 26-year-old footballer has only started twice this season and, among others, will have to compete for a place on the team alongside attacking Bill Foden and newcomer Jack Grilish. At a sports business meeting on Thursday, Sterling admitted, “If I had the opportunity to go somewhere else, I would be open to it now.

Cardiola said he hopes Sterling will be the most important player for the club in the long run. “Some footballers always want to play, but I can’t give them that guarantee. They have to keep asking themselves on the grass, not just Rahim, but each of them.”

The coach said Ferran Torres could be out for two and a half to three months. The Spanish striker suffered an injury to his right leg during the last international.

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