Live 08:00 | The Saudi Grand Prix continues

The fire at the Aramco warehouse brings Formula 1 teams and their drivers together to discuss the looming situation. During the first free practice, plumes of smoke can be seen from the circle. Some sources had already confirmed that it would be a missile attack by Houthi rebels from Yemen. In this live blog stay F1 max Inform you about the latest developments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

That was before the second free training started. This is the last 15 minutes of the second session on Friday. In the end, the riders just got off the track to tackle the second training session of the day. Charles Leclerc was the fastest during this session with Max Verstappen once again in second.

GP Saudi Arabia will continue for now, F1 drivers not making a media tour

The Saudi Sports Motors Company has clarified that the Grand Prix weekend is going as planned. “We are aware of the attack on the Aramco Distribution Center,” the Saudi Sports Motors Company said in a statement. The safety of the teams, drivers and guests remains the top priority, but the race will continue. In addition, it turned out that the drivers were not going to conduct a media tour. The FIA ​​has scrapped it.

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The free practice of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is ​​broadcast live, among others, F1TV And the Viplay† Register with providers to view live images of the free training for yourself. do you want Overview of all TV service providers For the whole season: try it This page† F1TV has business until March 27th where you can buy F1TVPro first Seven days free trial

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Live 08:00 | The Saudi Grand Prix continues

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