little kiss?  That tongue has definitely popped into the picture!  † TV Thermometer

little kiss? That tongue has definitely popped into the picture! † TV Thermometer

Finally, it’s time! The episode where there’s a kiss and Thomas breaks down into tears not long after. But first Ascha, Maureen and Demi can go with The Bachelor Kite surfing† Adventurer Thomas’ favorite sport. But everything is so beautiful and wonderful to see shine On the water, he will also fall on the same day Movie Night to get a ticket. We all know what that means. After all, the end of a movie is never reached during a good date…

white sports socks

As the three ladies take turns climbing Thomas’ back and taking in liters of sea water, speculation rages at the villa that she will be allowed on a romantic movie date. Whether or not these speculative conversations are written will soon relate to a potential kiss and pretty skinny lips for Thomas.

Isabella meanwhile promoting her hat collection, this girl walks around all day in a felt hat in the scorching sun. But they all look equally beautiful on her, that’s for sure. Bond girl Meryl is the lucky one who is captured on the night of the infamous movie and is allowed into Thomas’ house for the first time. big house Enter it. First single romantic date! In other words: candles and a bottle of wine on the table. But what attracts them?! Gray track pants with white track socks. Then again do not understand. You can also watch a movie in jeans, right? Even Thomas is wearing his best shirt in the house.

Kissing, kissing, kissing

Perhaps Meryl was more interested in a potential kiss than in her clothes. “Kisses, kisses, kisses,” the other girls in the villa continued to shout. Well, sweatpants or not. Anyway, it worked fine. Because, sure enough; Kisses! It was a humble kiss, probably because inappropriate Position with a rotating camera less than a meter away. And I’m just thinking: keep going, Meryl! This is your chance! Once they get home, the rest of the women don’t go to bed until after a dental hygienist has questioned. Merrill even allowed her to do a complete rebuild. And confirms that it was a small kiss, or a kiss without a tongue. But that tongue definitely showed up in the picture…

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During the group date the next day, the woman can give her best during the traditional dance. The person with the smoothest hips wins Wildflower, also known as hijacking a date from someone else. Well, that’s exactly what you don’t want in a group of eleven women. I wonder what Thomas bases his choice on, because the hips in those colorful soup dresses are hard to find. Suddenly I can’t separate all the girls! Anna Noel – The Girl Who Doesn’t Have A Date – Finally Made Sure Of A Date And Won The Rose!

teenage game

Not so long after, the flower curtains were replaced – yes, here we are again! – Short bodycon outfits for the famous cocktail party. But what happens now?! Everyone stays. It’s like a birthday circle. Only the cheese skewers and pickles were still missing. Not even anyone in the corner suspected there was something between her teeth. And in the absence of topics to talk about, a teenage game is played. Suddenly I miss Romy. Yes, really; That “Miss, can we talk about me for a second” – Rumi. Who would have thought that?

So Maureen continues the tradition and does not dare to approach Thomas. I don’t know why, because this girl stands out with her red dress and long blonde hair. But then I have to stop the loop and turn it back on. No, not for another good look at her dress. But is she telling you that she was the stepmother of two 19-year-olds during an adventurous backpacking trip in Australia?! Perhaps Thomas was referring to a slightly different adventure.

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in tears

However, this crazy tale doesn’t give her any downsides, at least she still gets a rose during the rose ceremony. In front of the bachelor are nine roses, so two girls go home. Fortunately, little Indigo doesn’t act as if she’s already packed his bags. Lind and Demi are the ones Thomas – with pain in his heart and in tears – will bid farewell to. Obviously, hurting someone’s feelings doesn’t bother them. Once again, The Bachelor won’t disappoint this season. Not the goal point, but again ten points for Thomas.

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